3 Online Marketing Activities to Consistently Enroll Clients

get-clients-online1 – Build an Online Community by using opt-in forms to build your list through your website and on Social Media. When you build a community around your brand, product or niche, your ideal clients will join. Some will join out of curiosity as well. But the ones who are in tune with what you have to offer will join and stay and eventually work with you one-on-one or through one of your programs.

2 – Send out a Weekly Ezine to Your Email Subscriber List – share resources, the latest happenings in your business, recommend programs that can help your market and make offers for them to work with you. This allows you to build a relationship and trust with your market and keeps you top of mind. The right clients who know they need your help will reach out and want to work with you or participate in your programs.

3 – Create and share content on a regular basis – Content Marketing is a great expert status positioning strategy. The more content you share the more you will be seen as an authority. Consumers and clients want to work with those they see as experts, industry leaders and those they perceive as credible. The more content you share the more credible you will be.

Craft your Online Marketing Strategy and implement it right away. Be consistent and you will start to see results.

Your Feedback is important to me. Please leave a comment below to let me know which of these activities you are already doing or will commit to doing to get results.

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