90 Days to Your Online Visibility Breakthrough!

EXPLODE Your Online Presence, Attract Your Ideal Clients and Make More Money!

As you’re reading this, you may be in a place where business is OK. You have done some speaking, a lot of networking (or a little) and you get great referrals from time to time. However, you are just short of achieving your revenue goals. You are working more hours than you would like. You are aware that you can do more marketing to get more clients and hit your revenue target. But you realize that more of the same will only give you more of the same. So I’m sure you realize that it’s time to flip-the-switch and get that turnaround, transformation and (Yes!) Breakthrough that you’ve been looking for!

Who You Seek is Seeking YOU!

You need NEW Marketing Strategies to reach your ideal clients, locally, nationally and globally. You need the MULTIPLYING EFFECT of a well-connected Online Presence. It’s Possible to be POWERFULLY VISIBLE ONLINE and this Program will give you the ‘how’, help you to execute and get results in 90 days.

What would happen in your biz if…

  • you had a Solid Marketing System that Attracted Leads Consistently
  • if your Coaching Packages were Perfectly Suited for Your Clients So working with you was a no-brainer
  • you had time to create Visibility and Expert Status in Your Industry Without Feeling Overwhelmed in the Process
  • You knew the small, but Powerful Online tactics, systems and sequences that would create an avalanche of clients and cash for your business
  • You were never alone in creating all these processes and systems and could leverage the knowledge of someone who has been there and done that to finally complete them

The 90 Days to Your Online Visibility Breakthrough Program helps you make these things a reality and more. I will team up with you to build your perfect business model, marketing systems and visibility strategy from the ground up. Plus my panel of experts will help you put on the finishing touches so you can up-level your visibility, expert status [really, your celebrity status] and start attracting your ideal clients, closing them into your juicy programs and making more money (without the overwhelm!).

If you can get excited about that and are willing to do the work along with my team and I, then LET’S GET BUSY!

Our 90-Day Curriculum At-A-Glance

Module 1

  • Big Why/Vision/Goal Setting
  • Ideal Client Clarity
  • Packaging, Pricing, Creating Juicy Offers and Your Profit Plan
  • Websites that Convert and Sell

Module 2

  • Get Out There, Create Expert Status, Explode Your Visibility
  • List Building, Community Building and Connecting
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Stay-in-Touch Marketing, Follow-up, Sequencing

Module 3

  • Lead Funnel Strategy and High-Converting Sales Conversations
  • Launch Strategy that sell your Offers
  • Social Media Marketing and Strategy
  • Your Ultimate Marketing System that gets You Clients Consistently

PLUS – These Amazing BONUSES! (with Guest Experts):

  • FB Advertising Strategy and Campaigns w/Guest Expert who will help you build community, email list and promote your launches

How we will work together during the next 90 Days

  • *Four* Weekly 60-minute Coaching Sessions via Web & Video Conferencing Service
  • A Recording of our weekly Sessions will be made available to you for review anytime
  • *Two* 15-minute ‘quick-calls’ per Month (as needed)
  • Customized Goal-Oriented Assignments to Keep you on Track and Moving Forward
  • Priority Email Access to me for the full 90 Days to make sure your questions are answered
  • Access to a private client portal with downloadable templates, scripts, done-for-you materials, resources so you can take effective action with ease and without overwhelm

I felt stressed out and overwhelmed by the whole social media thing. It was a real energy drain that was always gnawing at me…guilt for what I wasn’t doing. One of my biggest breakthroughs after working with Stephanie was having new people sign up for my freebie, which was really exciting and knowing that my list is slowly building is wonderful. I feel free knowing that I am visible but not having to sink a whole bunch of time into it.
Bambi Thompson

How do I get Started?

  1. Schedule a no-cost Marketing Breakthrough Call with me to discuss if this Program is a fit for you, your investment, etc.
  2. If we decide that we are a fit to work together, you will receive a Payment link and Coaching Agreement
  3. Once you make your initial payment, you will receive your Welcome Email, Information Questionnaire and Orientation Packet
  4. We will start the program on our agreed upon date with sleeves rolled up and ready to GO!
  5. Welcome to a whole new way of doing business and living life! :-) #FocusForward