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Growing pains, growing gains and spurts

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Lead by Example to Attract Your Ideal Clients

When you are trying to attract your ideal clients, take a look in the mirror first. Are you a picture a walking, talking billboard for the principles you teach? To be clear, this is not about appearances. This is about your activities, how you implement, whether you are coachable yourself. … [Read more...]

Plant Seeds for the Future with Your Marketing

Think of your marketing as planting seeds for the future Remember that your marketing is a long-term strategy for success in your business. It's not a get-rick quick, get-known quick, get-seen quick scheme. So if you are doing your marketing and you feel like you have not skyrocketed to fame and … [Read more...]

Position Yourself as an Expert Online, not a Generalist

Your prospective clients want to work with an expert, not a generalist. You would want the same for yourself right? So when you market yourself online, you need to position yourself as an expert to get clients. In this article (and the video that follows) I will share with you some simple ways … [Read more...]

Build your community of leads a.k.a. List Building

List building is important because often that's where a pool of your ideal clients are gathered --- in your subscriber list. Of course, you have to get them on your list and I will share some strategies to do so in today's post. A subscriber list is generally a group of people who have [virtually] … [Read more...]

Guest blogging should be a staple in your online visibility plan

Guest blogging is submitting an article or blog post for a well known, authority site. One such Website is The Huffington Post, another is Business Insider. Depending on your niche, you may know of even more. You normally receive credit at the beginning and end of the article as the contributor. … [Read more...]

How to find the voice of your potential clients

What is the ‘voice’ of your potential clients? This refers to the way your potential clients feel about their issues that they find solutions for. It refers to the words they use to describe their problem and the vision they have for a solution. This is important in your marketing because you want … [Read more...]

The World is Your Stage

When it comes to the Internet, the world is literally at your fingertips. You are not limited by your geographic location. Remember that. The key things to have in place to get yourself out there are: Website (doesn't have to be fancy., Squarespace will do just fine.) 2 or 3 Social … [Read more...]

Share your story: the good, the bad & the ugly

Most coaches, consultants and service-based business owners I know are solopreneurs. That means they are the face of the business, they are the only one running their business with maybe a few contractors. This gives you a unique advantage over the big guns that you may not be tapping … [Read more...]


This is a Video that I shared with my new Facebook Group, Passionate Purposeful & Powerful Entrepreneurs this morning. It was only intended for the group, hence the specific call out to them. However, I wanted to share it with you too. I hope it gives you some encouragement for today and possibly … [Read more...]

How to Create Winning Testimonials for Your Marketing Materials

Including testimonials in your marketing materials is a great strategy for winning new clients. This provides social proof and builds credibility. Of course, you want your testimonials to be strong and compelling in the story in conveys to your prospective clients. A Winning Testimonial: - … [Read more...]

3 Online Marketing Activities to Consistently Enroll Clients

1 - Build an Online Community by using opt-in forms to build your list through your website and on Social Media. When you build a community around your brand, product or niche, your ideal clients will join. Some will join out of curiosity as well. But the ones who are in tune with what you have to … [Read more...]

How to Build Trust with Your Market

In order to build a solid business and sell your products and programs you need to establish trust with your target market. Companies with big Ad budgets do this through main stream advertising. But for the small business owner and solo-practitioner a grass-roots relationship marketing plan is more … [Read more...]

So what exactly is a squeeze page?

In this video, I explain what exactly is a squeeze page, a term which I have used quite a bit as I speak "Marketing lingo" all the time :-) A squeeze page is a website or webpage that gives your web visitors one option only and that is to submit their name and email address in a form in order to … [Read more...]