How to Create Winning Testimonials for Your Marketing Materials

get winning testimonials from clientsIncluding testimonials in your marketing materials is a great strategy for winning new clients. This provides social proof and builds credibility. Of course, you want your testimonials to be strong and compelling in the story in conveys to your prospective clients.

A Winning Testimonial:

Showcases a before and after story experienced by your client. In your client’s voice, it conveys how things turned around for them once they started working with you.

Shows a picture of your client. In cases where your work may not be one where clients will insist on privacy, you can show your clients picture on your marketing materials. This shows that they are real people who experienced real results from working with you. Just be sure that you have your clients’ permission first.

Shows your clients’ full name. Again, unless your client insists on privacy, you can include their name in your marketing. A first name and last initial can work here too. As stated before, be sure to get permission from your client first.

I find that it is best to get the testimonial using electronic tools. This makes it easier for your client to give you the testimonial. It is also easier for you to get their feedback and place it on your marketing materials. Here are 2 resources for creating a Testimonials Survey or Feedback form:

Survey Monkey at
Google Forms at (you will need a Gmail or Google Apps account and be signed in to use this tool)

Once you have designed your testimonial survey or feedback form, send it to your client as soon as they start to experience results with you. Or you can send it to your clients after they finish working with you.

Watch the Video Below where I share with you my best tips for Creating Winning Testimonials to Win New Clients

Here is a look at the page where I display testimonials on my website: Raving Fans Page

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