How to find the voice of your potential clients

What is the ‘voice’ of your potential clients? This refers to the way your potential clients feel about their issues that they find solutions for. It refers to the words they use to describe their problem and the vision they have for a solution. This is important in your marketing because you want to be able to fully understand your potential client’s problem. Even more importantly you want your potential clients to relate to you and feel that you truly ‘get it’.

Knowing your potential client’s voice will guide the direction of your copy on your Website and other marketing materials. This will also aid you in coming up with programs that are perfectly suited to your client’s needs.

I shared why this is important and some strategies on the ‘how’ in this video:

So here are some strategies for research into finding the voice of your potential clients:

Have conversations :: Get on the phone with people who fit your ideal client profile. Offer quick 20-minute mini sessions that are completely complimentary and no-pitch. In exchange for their time, share a quick tip that they can use to get help with their issues.

Conduct surveys :: Design a simple survey asking pointed questions that will give you some insight into what troubles them and the kind of results they desire. You can use Google forms, or another free resource to create the survey. In exchange for completing the survey, offer a downloadable gift. Some people don’t like completing surveys, so offering a free gift to take the survey is a nice incentive to get more participants.

Browse public forums :: Join Facebook or Linkedin groups where your potential clients may be hanging out. Pay attention to the questions that they ask in these groups and give your feedback. Use an online tool like Google Docs to record their questions and issues so you have them in one place. Refer to these when writing copy or designing programs.

Host Q & A calls :: Use web conferencing software to host mini-trainings with a question and answer component. Invite people on your email list, people in Facebook and Linkedin groups, persons who have liked your Facebook Fan page and also promote on Twitter. These calls allow you to have ‘live’ interaction with your potential clients when they call in to ask questions. Be sure to record these calls so you can refer to it as you study and hone in on the ‘voice’ of your potential clients.

Here are 2 resources that I recommend for these calls:

Even if you feel you already know your ideal/potential clients, I encourage you to do this exercise at least once a year. As you grow in your business, your ideal clients will change and so will their ‘voice’. It is important to get crystal clear on this so that your outreach, marketing and promotional efforts will have more impact.

You’ve got this!

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