Guest blogging should be a staple in your online visibility plan

stephanie treasure, guest blogging, get visible onlineGuest blogging is submitting an article or blog post for a well known, authority site. One such Website is The Huffington Post, another is Business Insider. Depending on your niche, you may know of even more.

You normally receive credit at the beginning and end of the article as the contributor. And most times you are able to write a couple of sentences about what you do and point readers to your Website to find out more about you.

Why guest blogging?

Traffic: These sites are normally very popular and receive an enormous amount of traffic every day. Usually way more traffic than you receive on your own Website. So you are getting exposure to hundreds or thousands of people by having a presence there through your article. From there, if someone is interested in learning more about you, they can easily find you through your Website link.

Credibility: You get instant credibility from being featured on an authority website. There is usually some criteria that has to be met in order to be featured on the site. Their loyal readers and subscribers are accustomed to reading quality information on their site. So by extension, you are viewed as a quality contributor and expert.

Expert positioning: Once you have been featured on an authority website you can add their logo to your Website. You can create a section on your site that says, ‘Featured on…’ and then show various logos. You can also add this information to your bio. These are just extra ways to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

So how often should you guest blog

You need to find a nice balance for yourself based on your own workload. You can aim for 1 to 4 times a Month.

How do I know where to guest blog

Well some sites like The Huffington Post is one that just about any niche is featured on. They have many different sections that appeal to different interests. Other sites are focused on just one niche. So start with Website that you read when you search for information about your niche. Chances are that your target audience reads the same ones. Then look at the bottom of the Website or on their contact page to find out if they take contributor articles. Commit to using this strategy to get more visible and build the know, like and trust factor with your target audience.

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