Build your community of leads a.k.a. List Building

build-your-communityList building is important because often that’s where a pool of your ideal clients are gathered — in your subscriber list. Of course, you have to get them on your list and I will share some strategies to do so in today’s post. A subscriber list is generally a group of people who have [virtually] raised their hand to say ‘I’m interested’ in what you have to offer. It is your job after that to build a relationship with your subscriber list, give them value via content marketing and eventually make offers.

So to get started with list building, you will need to create a Lead Magnet. This is a free, but valuable item that you can give to a subscriber after they submit their name and email address. The possibilities are endless on what you can create for your free offer. It can be a video series, a pdf guide or ebook, a Webinar, checklist, informational video, an audio recording and even a combination of the above that you call a ‘toolkit of resources’.

Ways to list build:

— Include a Message in your email signature.
— Guest post on authority Websites or blogs that appeal to your target audience.
— Share tips on your Facebook Page, in Facebook groups and include a link to your free offer so people can get more tips.
— Do live streams via Periscope, Facebook Live or Blab. Include a call-to-action to visit your Website to get your free offer.
— Create free reports, checklists or guides with your bio and link to a free offer that requires an opt-in.

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