Position Yourself as an Expert Online, not a Generalist

position-yourself-as-an-expertYour prospective clients want to work with an expert, not a generalist. You would want the same for yourself right?

So when you market yourself online, you need to position yourself as an expert to get clients. In this article (and the video that follows) I will share with you some simple ways to achieve expert status online.

1. Share valuable content: tips, best practices that will help your audience. Share on Social media, on your blog and in your ezine.

2. Write a weekly blog for your Website and promote it to your community and on forums where your ideal clients hangout.

3. Pitch and appear on noteworthy podcasts as a guest in your field.

4. Create videos sharing best practices, tips, advice and even information about your services. Post on Youtube and on your Website. Share on social media as well.

5. Write articles for noteworthy publications like The Huffington Post.

Ninja tip: Where possible, use branded graphics with your name and Website address. These graphics can have solid colour backgrounds, abstract stock photo or your own image (better for branding actually).


Which of these strategies will you commit to executing in your business? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments field below.

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