Share your story: the good, the bad & the ugly

Most coaches, consultants and service-based business owners I know are solopreneurs. That means they are the face of the business, they are the only one running their business with maybe a few contractors. This gives you a unique advantage over the big guns that you may not be tapping into.

Being a solopreneur gives you a chance to utilize a more intimate marketing approach. You can share more about yourself than a corporate entity would. It seems scary at first. However, this is what brings your prospective clients even closer to the sale. You see, they want to see that you are a real person. They buy into YOU sometimes even more so than your programs/packages. So don’t be afraid to bring you – all of you – to the table, in your marketing.

Here’s a short video that I created for you about this topic:

Share your trials — share your before story. Share some of your failures on the road to where you are now. While they want to hear your trials, they also want to hear your turnaround. This shows that you can help them. This showcases your expertise.

Incorporate your story in your bio — share where you are coming from in your bio on your Website and in your printed materials. If you are appearing on a podcast, talk show, interview series or even speaking live, you can share the cliff notes version of your before and after.

Share your story in social media and even on video — this can be done in a sizzle real or homemade video. Your clients really don’t care which, they just want to know your story.

Now over to you: how can you use this tip today. Reflect on the circumstances throughout your life that led you to where you are now. How might you use that in your marketing to inspire your prospective clients?

I know you can do this!

Believing in you,
Stephanie. :-)

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